Ratangad Trek

It was my first trekking experience, but this trek taught me a lot. It was an awesome experience trekking from the base to the top of the mountain and the view, breathtaking…. 

More than the climb, trekking to the base was more challenging. 

Sharing some of the images from the trek…


Mumbai Monsoon…

Monsoons are here in Mumbai, where every nook and corner of the city gets drenched with a dash of green. Mumbai rains bring back memories of childhood when we used to make paper boats or play in puddles. The most enjoyable thing of Monsoon in Mumbai is getting drenched on the Marine Drive with “garama garam bhajiya aur garam chai and bhutta nimbu nichodke”…. yummy.

Let me show you through my lenses the Mumbai Monsoon….

IMG_20150608_091517 IMG_20130609_120943 IMG_20130806_154942








Hope you all like my monsoon pics…Would like to hear comments from all.

My Farm House

City life is a fast and hectic life, where taking time for oneself is not impossible but sometimes cannot be managed.

So there should always be a space outside the city life, where we are relaxed and out of the reach of technologies….

I have a place on the outskirts of Mumbai, close to nature. Sharing some pics with you all….

IMG_20140518_114506 IMG_20140310_232340 IMG_20140310_233955 IMG_20141013_000636 IMG_20141026_235053

I hope you all liked the pics. Loved sharing with you all part of my life.